Ross County FC 2018/2019 Stats

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Ross County FC Standings

GF - GA41 - 1241 - 3682 - 48

Ross County FC Predictions

FT14/07/18 14:00Ross County FC2 - 0Elgin City1.157.0313.63
FT17/07/18 18:45Ross County FC1 - 0Dundee Utd2.053.453.24
FT25/07/18 18:45Arbroath FC4 - 1Ross County FC5.484.241.50
FT28/07/18 14:00Alloa Athletic0 - 2Ross County FC3.713.691.81
FT04/08/18 14:00Ross County FC1 - 0Alloa Athletic1.315.038.61
FT11/08/18 14:00Dunfermline Athletic1 - 3Ross County FC2.133.363.19
FT14/08/18 18:30Heart of Midlothian (R)1 - 2Ross County FC3.443.761.74
FT19/08/18 14:00Hibernian FC3 - 2Ross County FC1.663.674.86
FT25/08/18 14:00Greenock Morton FC2 - 1Ross County FC3.803.411.90
FT01/09/18 14:00Ross County FC2 - 0Falkirk FC1.464.166.30
FT08/09/18 14:00Ross County FC5 - 0Raith Rovers1.404.466.44
FT15/09/18 14:00Queen Of The South0 - 0Ross County FC3.193.412.09
FT22/09/18 14:00Ross County FC0 - 0Inverness CT1.753.694.17
FT29/09/18 14:00Dundee Utd1 - 5Ross County FC3.063.232.24
FT06/10/18 14:00Partick Thistle0 - 2Ross County FC3.333.342.07
FT13/10/18 14:00Ross County FC3 - 1Montrose FC1.205.9610.03
FT20/10/18 14:00Ross County FC2 - 1Ayr Utd1.713.744.34
FT27/10/18 14:00Ross County FC5 - 0Greenock Morton FC1.514.115.54
FT30/10/18 19:45Falkirk FC1 - 1Ross County FC6.203.911.50
FT03/11/18 15:00Inverness CT2 - 2Ross County FC3.083.362.17
FT10/11/18 15:00Ross County FC0 - 1Dundee Utd2.013.503.34
FT17/11/18 15:00Motherwell FC (R)1 - 2Ross County FC7.305.061.33
FT24/11/18 15:00Ross County FC2 - 1Dunfermline Athletic2.123.233.32
FT01/12/18 15:00Alloa Athletic0 - 1Ross County FC4.613.711.68
FT08/12/18 15:00Ross County FC1 - 1Queen Of The South1.524.125.43
FT15/12/18 15:00Ayr Utd3 - 3Ross County FC2.493.302.65
FT22/12/18 15:00Ross County FC2 - 0Partick Thistle1.563.915.39
FT29/12/18 15:00Ross County FC2 - 1Inverness CT1.763.624.19
FT04/01/19 19:45Greenock Morton FC1 - 0Ross County FC4.343.551.75
FT12/01/19 15:00Queen Of The South4 - 0Ross County FC3.303.272.11
FT19/01/19 15:00Motherwell FC1 - 2Ross County FC1.983.293.63
FT26/01/19 15:00Ross County FC2 - 0Alloa Athletic1.543.845.69
FT02/02/19 15:00Dunfermline Athletic1 - 2Ross County FC2.293.242.95
FT11/02/19 19:15Ross County FC2 - 2Inverness CT2.063.393.28
FT15/02/19 19:45Ross County FC2 - 1East Fife FC1.335.027.07
FT19/02/19 19:45Inverness CT5 - 4Ross County FC3.203.282.14
FT23/02/19 15:00Partick Thistle2 - 4Ross County FC2.583.262.56
FT26/02/19 19:45Ross County FC3 - 2Ayr Utd2.003.393.46
FT09/03/19 15:00Ross County FC2 - 0Greenock Morton FC1.503.926.12
FT12/03/19 19:45Ross County FC2 - 1Falkirk FC1.444.276.51
FT19/03/19 19:45Dundee Utd1 - 0Ross County FC2.343.432.75
FT30/03/19 15:00Alloa Athletic1 - 0Ross County FC5.514.021.53
FT02/04/19 18:05Inverness CT1 - 2Ross County FC2.763.232.44
05/04/19 18:05Ross County FCH2HDundee Utd2.233.293.04
09/04/19 18:45Ross County FCH2HDunfermline Athletic
13/04/19 14:00Ross County FCH2HPartick Thistle
19/04/19 18:05Ayr UtdH2HRoss County FC
27/04/19 14:00Ross County FCH2HQueen Of The South
04/05/19 14:00Falkirk FCH2HRoss County FC