Queen Of The South 2017/2018 Stats

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Queen Of The South Standings

GF - GA38 - 3549 - 3587 - 70

Queen Of The South Predictions

FT15/07/17 14:00Stenhousemuir FC1 - 3Queen Of The South6.474.361.40
FT18/07/17 18:45Queen Of The South1 - 4East Kilbride FC1.196.1011.31
FT22/07/17 14:00Hamilton Academical6 - 5Queen Of The South1.723.644.19
FT29/07/17 14:00Queen Of The South4 - 2Albion Rovers1.324.817.46
FT05/08/17 14:00Queen Of The South4 - 1Brechin City FC1.444.266.36
FT12/08/17 14:00Dundee Utd2 - 1Queen Of The South1.753.544.24
FT15/08/17 18:45Queen Of The South4 - 0Airdrieonians FC1.344.676.87
FT19/08/17 14:00Queen Of The South1 - 0Dumbarton FC1.533.965.43
FT26/08/17 14:00Falkirk FC1 - 4Queen Of The South2.043.403.27
FT02/09/17 14:00Berwick Rangers0 - 5Queen Of The South7.935.431.26
FT09/09/17 14:00Livingston FC2 - 2Queen Of The South2.393.242.77
FT16/09/17 14:00Queen Of The South1 - 2Greenock Morton FC2.063.363.29
FT24/09/17 15:10St. Mirren FC3 - 1Queen Of The South2.083.423.17
FT30/09/17 14:00Inverness CT0 - 0Queen Of The South2.453.282.68
FT07/10/17 14:00Montrose FC1 - 3Queen Of The South8.255.141.28
FT14/10/17 14:00Queen Of The South0 - 0Dunfermline Athletic2.173.353.05
FT21/10/17 14:00Brechin City FC0 - 1Queen Of The South7.714.511.36
FT28/10/17 14:00Queen Of The South4 - 2Falkirk FC2.243.252.98
FT04/11/17 15:00Greenock Morton FC1 - 2Queen Of The South2.883.212.34
FT18/11/17 15:00Montrose FC0 - 0Queen Of The South7.474.521.35
FT21/11/17 19:45Queen Of The South2 - 1Montrose FC1.196.0111.60
FT25/11/17 15:00Queen Of The South0 - 3Livingston FC2.003.313.52
FT28/11/17 19:45Dumbarton FC2 - 2Queen Of The South3.933.461.84
FT02/12/17 15:00Queen Of The South0 - 0Inverness CT2.403.292.73
FT09/12/17 15:00Dunfermline Athletic2 - 5Queen Of The South2.503.212.68
FT23/12/17 15:00Queen Of The South2 - 3St. Mirren FC1.913.513.63
FT30/12/17 15:00Falkirk FC3 - 2Queen Of The South2.683.312.44
FT02/01/18 15:00Queen Of The South0 - 0Dumbarton FC1.563.925.32
FT06/01/18 15:00Livingston FC0 - 1Queen Of The South2.493.102.77
FT13/01/18 15:00Inverness CT3 - 1Queen Of The South2.283.262.96
FT20/01/18 15:00Queen Of The South1 - 2Partick Thistle2.993.192.29
FT27/01/18 15:00Queen Of The South3 - 1Brechin City FC1.295.048.85
FT03/02/18 15:00St. Mirren FC2 - 0Queen Of The South1.903.413.82
FT17/02/18 15:00Queen Of The South1 - 1Greenock Morton FC2.343.322.83
FT24/02/18 15:00Queen Of The South0 - 0Dunfermline Athletic2.603.272.55
FT10/03/18 15:00Dumbarton FC0 - 1Queen Of The South3.873.341.90
FT13/03/18 19:45Queen Of The South1 - 3Dundee Utd2.653.282.48
FT17/03/18 15:00Queen Of The South1 - 3St. Mirren FC3.323.332.07
FT20/03/18 19:45Dundee Utd2 - 3Queen Of The South1.763.614.19
FT24/03/18 15:00Queen Of The South3 - 3Livingston FC2.873.172.38
FT31/03/18 14:00Dunfermline Athletic3 - 1Queen Of The South1.783.524.20
FT03/04/18 18:45Queen Of The South2 - 2Falkirk FC2.643.282.49
FT07/04/18 14:00Queen Of The South0 - 2Inverness CT2.773.272.39
FT14/04/18 14:00Greenock Morton FC0 - 1Queen Of The South1.803.574.05
FT21/04/18 14:00Queen Of The South3 - 0Dundee Utd3.453.471.97
FT28/04/18 14:00Brechin City FC1 - 5Queen Of The South7.925.341.30