Motherwell FC 2018/2019 Stats

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GF - GA37 - 2225 - 4462 - 66

Motherwell FC Predictions

FT17/07/18 18:45Motherwell FC5 - 0Edinburgh City FC1.118.4316.13
FT21/07/18 14:00Stranraer FC3 - 2Motherwell FC8.855.701.25
FT24/07/18 18:45Motherwell FC2 - 0Queen Of The South1.444.226.04
FT28/07/18 14:00Clyde FC1 - 3Motherwell FC9.545.781.22
FT05/08/18 14:00Hibernian FC3 - 0Motherwell FC1.713.784.62
FT11/08/18 14:00Motherwell FC0 - 1Hamilton Academical1.593.795.82
FT18/08/18 14:00Livingston FC0 - 1Motherwell FC2.733.202.49
FT26/08/18 11:15Motherwell FC3 - 3Glasgow Rangers5.483.611.65
FT01/09/18 14:00Dundee FC1 - 3Motherwell FC2.963.352.34
FT15/09/18 14:00Motherwell FC0 - 1Heart of Midlothian2.723.272.54
FT22/09/18 14:00Aberdeen FC1 - 0Motherwell FC1.803.464.56
FT26/09/18 18:45Heart of Midlothian4 - 2Motherwell FC1.873.354.00
FT29/09/18 14:00Kilmarnock FC3 - 1Motherwell FC2.073.323.54
FT06/10/18 14:00Motherwell FC1 - 1Livingston FC2.193.133.38
FT20/10/18 14:00Motherwell FC0 - 1St. Johnstone FC2.043.293.73
FT31/10/18 19:45St. Mirren FC0 - 2Motherwell FC3.403.202.17
FT03/11/18 15:00Motherwell FC1 - 0Dundee FC1.703.764.67
FT11/11/18 15:00Glasgow Rangers7 - 1Motherwell FC1.424.537.20
FT24/11/18 15:00Motherwell FC3 - 0Aberdeen FC3.543.182.11
FT01/12/18 15:00Livingston FC2 - 0Motherwell FC2.323.003.29
FT05/12/18 19:45Motherwell FC1 - 1Celtic Glasgow10.645.441.26
FT08/12/18 15:00Heart of Midlothian1 - 0Motherwell FC1.883.374.22
FT15/12/18 15:00St. Johnstone FC1 - 2Motherwell FC2.023.333.71
FT19/12/18 19:45Celtic Glasgow3 - 0Motherwell FC1.196.4514.54
FT22/12/18 15:00Motherwell FC0 - 1St. Mirren FC1.823.314.66
FT26/12/18 15:00Motherwell FC0 - 1Kilmarnock FC3.013.102.43
FT29/12/18 15:00Hamilton Academical1 - 2Motherwell FC3.253.082.31
FT19/01/19 15:00Motherwell FC1 - 2Ross County FC1.983.293.63
FT23/01/19 19:45Motherwell FC1 - 0Hibernian FC3.133.162.32
FT26/01/19 15:00Dundee FC0 - 1Motherwell FC3.573.332.06
FT02/02/19 15:00Motherwell FC3 - 0Livingston FC2.343.013.28
FT06/02/19 19:45St. Mirren FC1 - 2Motherwell FC3.053.072.42
FT17/02/19 12:15Motherwell FC2 - 1Heart of Midlothian3.063.122.39
FT24/02/19 15:00Celtic Glasgow4 - 1Motherwell FC1.176.6815.90
FT02/03/19 15:00Kilmarnock FC0 - 0Motherwell FC2.163.123.54
FT09/03/19 15:00Motherwell FC3 - 0Hamilton Academical1.763.464.79
FT16/03/19 15:00Hibernian FC2 - 0Motherwell FC2.023.283.76
FT30/03/19 15:00Motherwell FC3 - 0St. Johnstone FC2.283.213.17
FT03/04/19 18:45Aberdeen FC3 - 1Motherwell FC1.733.455.05
FT07/04/19 11:30Motherwell FC0 - 3Glasgow Rangers5.894.021.54
FT20/04/19 14:00Hamilton Academical1 - 1Motherwell FC3.533.262.10
FT27/04/19 14:00Motherwell FC4 - 3Dundee FC1.733.644.67
FT04/05/19 14:00Motherwell FC1 - 1St. Mirren FC2.003.343.74
FT11/05/19 14:00St. Johnstone FC2 - 0Motherwell FC2.513.112.88
FT18/05/19 11:30Motherwell FC3 - 2Livingston FC2.053.333.55