Motherwell FC 2019/2020 Stats

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Motherwell FC Standings

GF - GA32 - 2527 - 1659 - 41

Motherwell FC Predictions

FT13/07/19 14:00Queen Of The South0 - 3Motherwell FC4.693.731.64
FT19/07/19 18:45Motherwell FC4 - 0Greenock Morton FC1.354.777.04
FT23/07/19 18:45Dumbarton FC0 - 2Motherwell FC23.019.911.06
FT27/07/19 14:00Motherwell FC4 - 0Annan Athletic1.137.0315.94
FT03/08/19 14:00Livingston FC0 - 0Motherwell FC2.473.152.91
FT10/08/19 11:00Motherwell FC2 - 5Celtic Glasgow8.585.081.33
FT16/08/19 18:45Motherwell FC1 - 2Heart of Midlothian2.553.132.67
FT24/08/19 14:00Hamilton Academical1 - 3Motherwell FC4.283.721.78
FT31/08/19 14:00Motherwell FC3 - 0Hibernian FC2.563.422.61
FT14/09/19 14:00Heart of Midlothian2 - 3Motherwell FC2.203.343.21
FT21/09/19 14:00Motherwell FC1 - 2Ross County FC1.713.884.54
FT28/09/19 14:00St. Johnstone FC0 - 1Motherwell FC2.823.222.49
FT05/10/19 14:00Motherwell FC2 - 0St. Mirren FC1.963.363.84
FT19/10/19 14:00Motherwell FC0 - 3Aberdeen FC2.393.173.00
FT27/10/19 15:00Glasgow Rangers2 - 1Motherwell FC1.187.0613.14
FT30/10/19 19:45Motherwell FC2 - 1Kilmarnock FC2.283.113.24
FT02/11/19 15:00Motherwell FC2 - 1Livingston FC2.033.413.54
FT10/11/19 15:00Celtic Glasgow2 - 0Motherwell FC1.118.7918.86
FT23/11/19 15:00Hibernian FC3 - 1Motherwell FC2.063.513.37
FT30/11/19 15:00Motherwell FC4 - 0St. Johnstone FC1.983.433.70
FT04/12/19 19:45St. Mirren FC0 - 3Motherwell FC2.633.322.58
FT07/12/19 15:00Motherwell FC1 - 0Heart of Midlothian2.103.463.28
FT15/12/19 12:00Motherwell FC0 - 2Glasgow Rangers8.925.581.29
FT21/12/19 15:00Kilmarnock FC0 - 1Motherwell FC2.513.082.89
FT26/12/19 15:00Ross County FC1 - 2Motherwell FC3.223.522.11
FT29/12/19 15:00Motherwell FC1 - 2Hamilton Academical1.534.055.98
FT18/01/20 19:20Dundee FC0 - 3Motherwell FC3.683.541.87
FT22/01/20 19:45Aberdeen FC0 - 1Motherwell FC1.903.414.01
FT25/01/20 15:00Motherwell FC0 - 0Hibernian FC2.213.323.18
FT01/02/20 15:00Livingston FC1 - 0Motherwell FC2.303.233.12
FT05/02/20 19:45Motherwell FC0 - 4Celtic Glasgow11.005.641.25
FT08/02/20 15:00St. Mirren FC1 - 1Motherwell FC2.763.162.44
FT12/02/20 19:45St. Johnstone FC2 - 1Motherwell FC2.433.142.96
FT22/02/20 15:00Hamilton Academical0 - 0Motherwell FC3.643.332.04
FT25/02/20 19:45Motherwell FC1 - 2St. Mirren FC2.113.213.52
FT04/03/20 19:45Motherwell FC4 - 1Ross County FC1.773.554.55
FT07/03/20 15:00Heart of Midlothian1 - 1Motherwell FC1.923.583.77
DP13/03/20 00:00Motherwell FCH2HAberdeen FC2.663.142.70
DP21/03/20 00:00Motherwell FCH2HKilmarnock FC
DP03/04/20 23:00Glasgow RangersH2HMotherwell FC