Inverness CT 2018/2019 Stats

Inverness CT Ratings

Inverness CT Standings

GF - GA42 - 3136 - 3178 - 62

Inverness CT Predictions

FT14/07/18 14:00Inverness CT2 - 0Cove Rangers1.118.3015.48
FT17/07/18 18:45Cowdenbeath2 - 5Inverness CT7.915.341.29
FT24/07/18 18:45Inverness CT2 - 1Raith Rovers1.424.576.04
FT29/07/18 14:00Heart of Midlothian5 - 0Inverness CT1.394.406.85
FT04/08/18 14:00Falkirk FC0 - 1Inverness CT2.633.242.55
FT11/08/18 14:00Inverness CT0 - 0Ayr Utd2.043.423.33
FT14/08/18 18:45Inverness CT1 - 2Dunfermline Athletic1.733.703.98
FT25/08/18 14:00Inverness CT2 - 2Alloa Athletic1.424.366.61
FT01/09/18 14:00Dunfermline Athletic0 - 3Inverness CT2.003.413.44
FT15/09/18 14:00Inverness CT3 - 2Partick Thistle1.933.443.67
FT22/09/18 14:00Ross County FC0 - 0Inverness CT1.753.694.17
FT29/09/18 14:00Inverness CT0 - 0Queen Of The South2.003.373.48
FT06/10/18 14:00Inverness CT1 - 1Greenock Morton FC1.713.654.47
FT20/10/18 14:00Dundee Utd1 - 1Inverness CT2.173.373.07
FT27/10/18 14:00Alloa Athletic0 - 0Inverness CT3.633.351.96
FT30/10/18 19:45Inverness CT2 - 2Dunfermline Athletic2.493.192.69
FT03/11/18 15:00Inverness CT2 - 2Ross County FC3.083.362.17
FT10/11/18 15:00Partick Thistle0 - 1Inverness CT2.563.392.52
FT17/11/18 15:00Queen Of The South3 - 3Inverness CT2.533.372.57
FT25/11/18 15:00Edinburgh City FC1 - 1Inverness CT6.404.631.39
FT01/12/18 15:00Inverness CT2 - 3Falkirk FC1.543.825.83
FT04/12/18 19:45Inverness CT6 - 1Edinburgh City FC1.354.756.96
FT15/12/18 15:00Inverness CT1 - 1Dundee Utd2.413.292.75
FT22/12/18 15:00Greenock Morton FC1 - 2Inverness CT2.883.212.35
FT29/12/18 15:00Ross County FC2 - 1Inverness CT1.763.624.19
FT05/01/19 15:00Inverness CT1 - 2Queen Of The South1.763.664.12
FT12/01/19 15:00Inverness CT1 - 0Ayr Utd2.263.292.97
FT19/01/19 15:00Inverness CT4 - 0East Kilbride FC1.166.5013.73
FT26/01/19 15:00Falkirk FC2 - 2Inverness CT3.473.272.04
FT29/01/19 19:45Ayr Utd2 - 3Inverness CT1.993.403.49
FT02/02/19 15:00Inverness CT1 - 2Partick Thistle2.003.363.49
FT11/02/19 19:15Ross County FC2 - 2Inverness CT2.063.393.28
FT16/02/19 15:00Dunfermline Athletic1 - 0Inverness CT2.113.343.20
FT19/02/19 19:45Inverness CT5 - 4Ross County FC3.203.282.14
FT23/02/19 15:00Inverness CT1 - 0Greenock Morton FC1.763.604.15
FT26/02/19 19:45Dundee Utd1 - 0Inverness CT1.953.443.55
FT03/03/19 15:30Dundee Utd1 - 2Inverness CT2.103.283.37
FT09/03/19 15:00Queen Of The South0 - 2Inverness CT2.753.302.40
FT22/03/19 19:05Partick Thistle1 - 2Inverness CT2.683.152.56
FT26/03/19 19:45Inverness CT3 - 2Alloa Athletic1.404.427.13
FT30/03/19 15:00Inverness CT0 - 0Falkirk FC1.743.504.54
FT02/04/19 18:05Inverness CT1 - 2Ross County FC2.763.232.44
FT06/04/19 14:00Ayr Utd0 - 1Inverness CT2.223.263.08
FT13/04/19 11:15Heart of Midlothian3 - 0Inverness CT1.763.414.72
FT16/04/19 18:45Greenock Morton FC2 - 2Inverness CT2.933.242.31
FT20/04/19 14:00Inverness CT0 - 2Dundee Utd3.153.342.15
FT27/04/19 14:00Alloa Athletic1 - 2Inverness CT2.813.422.30
FT04/05/19 14:00Inverness CT1 - 0Dunfermline Athletic2.093.303.31