Falkirk FC 2018/2019 Stats

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GF - GA21 - 2824 - 2945 - 57

Falkirk FC Predictions

FT14/07/18 14:00Falkirk FC0 - 1Montrose FC1.374.616.99
FT17/07/18 18:45Falkirk FC2 - 0Forfar Athletic1.275.478.36
FT24/07/18 18:45St. Johnstone FC1 - 0Falkirk FC1.404.317.10
FT28/07/18 14:00East Fife FC1 - 2Falkirk FC3.783.611.82
FT04/08/18 14:00Falkirk FC0 - 1Inverness CT2.633.242.55
FT11/08/18 14:00Partick Thistle2 - 1Falkirk FC1.823.514.04
FT14/08/18 18:30Rangers FC (R)1 - 2Falkirk FC4.504.151.56
FT25/08/18 14:00Falkirk FC0 - 3Queen Of The South2.353.292.82
FT01/09/18 14:00Ross County FC2 - 0Falkirk FC1.464.166.30
FT15/09/18 14:00Ayr Utd3 - 2Falkirk FC1.743.914.00
FT22/09/18 14:00Falkirk FC0 - 2Dundee Utd3.113.392.15
FT29/09/18 14:00Alloa Athletic0 - 2Falkirk FC2.513.282.63
FT06/10/18 14:00Falkirk FC0 - 2Dunfermline Athletic3.643.361.96
FT20/10/18 14:00Greenock Morton FC1 - 0Falkirk FC1.983.393.55
FT27/10/18 14:00Queen Of The South2 - 0Falkirk FC1.713.494.74
FT30/10/18 19:45Falkirk FC1 - 1Ross County FC6.203.911.50
FT03/11/18 15:00Falkirk FC0 - 1Ayr Utd4.843.681.66
FT10/11/18 15:00Dunfermline Athletic0 - 1Falkirk FC1.474.096.23
FT17/11/18 15:00Falkirk FC1 - 1Partick Thistle3.083.302.21
FT24/11/18 15:00Stenhousemuir FC4 - 2Falkirk FC5.104.231.52
FT01/12/18 15:00Inverness CT2 - 3Falkirk FC1.543.825.83
FT08/12/18 15:00Falkirk FC2 - 2Alloa Athletic2.163.433.04
FT15/12/18 15:00Falkirk FC0 - 0Greenock Morton FC2.863.082.44
FT22/12/18 15:00Dundee Utd2 - 1Falkirk FC1.483.936.48
FT29/12/18 15:00Falkirk FC2 - 4Dunfermline Athletic5.303.801.58
FT05/01/19 15:00Ayr Utd0 - 1Falkirk FC1.394.576.85
FT12/01/19 15:00Partick Thistle1 - 1Falkirk FC1.683.894.33
FT26/01/19 15:00Falkirk FC2 - 2Inverness CT3.473.272.04
FT02/02/19 15:00Falkirk FC3 - 0Queen Of The South2.993.202.28
FT09/02/19 15:00Alloa Athletic1 - 2Falkirk FC2.313.262.89
FT23/02/19 15:00Falkirk FC1 - 1Dundee Utd4.123.551.78
FT01/03/19 19:05Greenock Morton FC1 - 1Falkirk FC2.293.123.05
FT08/03/19 19:05Falkirk FC2 - 0Ayr Utd3.503.372.00
FT12/03/19 19:45Ross County FC2 - 1Falkirk FC1.444.276.51
FT16/03/19 15:00Falkirk FC1 - 1Partick Thistle2.763.192.46
FT30/03/19 15:00Inverness CT0 - 0Falkirk FC1.743.504.54
FT02/04/19 18:45Queen Of The South1 - 1Falkirk FC2.273.193.06
FT06/04/19 14:00Falkirk FC1 - 2Alloa Athletic1.903.373.86
FT13/04/19 14:00Dunfermline Athletic0 - 1Falkirk FC2.153.133.38
FT20/04/19 14:00Falkirk FC0 - 2Greenock Morton FC2.053.183.55
FT27/04/19 14:00Dundee Utd2 - 0Falkirk FC1.673.814.49
FT04/05/19 14:00Falkirk FC3 - 2Ross County FC2.633.382.46