Dunfermline Athletic 2019/2020 Stats

Dunfermline Athletic Ratings

Dunfermline Athletic Standings

GF - GA31 - 1419 - 2450 - 38

Dunfermline Athletic Predictions

FT14/07/19 14:00St. Mirren FC2 - 3Dunfermline Athletic1.833.533.88
FT17/07/19 18:45Dunfermline Athletic6 - 0Albion Rovers1.137.2915.13
FT20/07/19 14:00Edinburgh City FC1 - 0Dunfermline Athletic4.834.161.56
FT27/07/19 14:00Dunfermline Athletic4 - 0East Kilbride FC1.196.3011.13
FT02/08/19 18:05Dunfermline Athletic2 - 2Dundee FC2.793.252.41
FT10/08/19 14:00Queen Of The South1 - 1Dunfermline Athletic3.103.342.17
FT17/08/19 14:00Celtic Glasgow2 - 1Dunfermline Athletic1.089.0219.91
FT24/08/19 14:00Dunfermline Athletic0 - 2Dundee Utd3.193.252.17
FT31/08/19 14:00Arbroath FC1 - 0Dunfermline Athletic3.303.372.07
FT14/09/19 14:00Dunfermline Athletic0 - 1Inverness CT2.693.262.47
FT21/09/19 14:00Partick Thistle0 - 3Dunfermline Athletic2.603.172.61
FT28/09/19 14:00Dunfermline Athletic1 - 1Alloa Athletic1.523.995.65
FT05/10/19 14:00Greenock Morton FC1 - 1Dunfermline Athletic2.903.302.29
FT19/10/19 14:00Dunfermline Athletic3 - 2Ayr Utd2.553.172.67
FT26/10/19 14:00Dundee Utd2 - 0Dunfermline Athletic1.563.905.48
FT29/10/19 19:45Dunfermline Athletic2 - 0Arbroath FC1.713.524.72
FT02/11/19 15:00Dunfermline Athletic2 - 0Queen Of The South2.013.223.64
FT09/11/19 15:00Alloa Athletic2 - 1Dunfermline Athletic4.553.691.69
FT23/11/19 15:00Stranraer FC1 - 0Dunfermline Athletic6.124.431.42
FT30/11/19 15:00Dunfermline Athletic5 - 1Partick Thistle2.253.183.09
FT03/12/19 19:45Ayr Utd0 - 1Dunfermline Athletic2.293.222.97
FT07/12/19 15:00Dunfermline Athletic3 - 1Greenock Morton FC1.613.775.12
FT14/12/19 15:00Dundee FC4 - 3Dunfermline Athletic2.473.102.82
FT21/12/19 15:00Inverness CT2 - 0Dunfermline Athletic2.083.293.34
FT28/12/19 15:00Dunfermline Athletic1 - 3Alloa Athletic1.354.638.12
FT04/01/20 15:00Dunfermline Athletic0 - 1Ayr Utd2.023.383.45
FT11/01/20 15:00Greenock Morton FC3 - 2Dunfermline Athletic3.323.252.10
FT24/01/20 19:05Dunfermline Athletic2 - 0Dundee FC2.433.162.82
FT01/02/20 15:00Queen Of The South2 - 3Dunfermline Athletic3.033.122.32
PP22/02/20 15:00Partick ThistleH2HDunfermline Athletic2.773.132.50
25/02/20 19:45Dunfermline AthleticH2HInverness CT2.533.242.64
29/02/20 15:00Dunfermline AthleticH2HDundee Utd3.583.341.96
04/03/20 19:45Arbroath FCH2HDunfermline Athletic
07/03/20 15:00Dunfermline AthleticH2HQueen Of The South
14/03/20 15:00Dundee FCH2HDunfermline Athletic
21/03/20 15:00Dunfermline AthleticH2HGreenock Morton FC
28/03/20 15:00Alloa AthleticH2HDunfermline Athletic
04/04/20 14:00Ayr UtdH2HDunfermline Athletic
11/04/20 14:00Dunfermline AthleticH2HArbroath FC
18/04/20 14:00Dundee UtdH2HDunfermline Athletic
25/04/20 14:00Dunfermline AthleticH2HPartick Thistle
02/05/20 14:00Inverness CTH2HDunfermline Athletic