Dundee Utd 2019/2020 Stats

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Dundee Utd Standings

GF - GA29 - 716 - 1545 - 22

Dundee Utd Predictions

FT12/07/19 18:45Heart of Midlothian5 - 3Dundee Utd1.723.684.28
FT16/07/19 18:30Stenhousemuir FC1 - 2Dundee Utd9.185.661.24
FT19/07/19 18:45Dundee Utd3 - 0Cowdenbeath1.127.5217.07
FT23/07/19 18:45Dundee Utd0 - 2East Fife FC1.206.1510.83
FT03/08/19 14:00Dundee Utd4 - 1Inverness CT1.863.364.05
FT09/08/19 18:05Partick Thistle1 - 2Dundee Utd3.123.302.18
FT24/08/19 14:00Dunfermline Athletic0 - 2Dundee Utd3.193.252.17
FT30/08/19 18:45Dundee Utd6 - 2Dundee FC1.813.554.09
FT14/09/19 14:00Ayr Utd2 - 0Dundee Utd3.643.591.89
FT21/09/19 14:00Dundee Utd2 - 1Arbroath FC1.444.376.32
FT28/09/19 14:00Dundee Utd6 - 0Greenock Morton FC1.444.506.04
FT04/10/19 18:05Alloa Athletic1 - 0Dundee Utd7.864.961.32
FT19/10/19 14:00Queen Of The South4 - 0Dundee Utd4.363.691.72
FT26/10/19 14:00Dundee Utd2 - 0Dunfermline Athletic1.563.905.48
FT29/10/19 19:45Dundee Utd1 - 0Partick Thistle1.564.155.02
FT02/11/19 15:00Inverness CT0 - 3Dundee Utd2.663.232.52
FT08/11/19 19:45Dundee FC0 - 2Dundee Utd2.693.412.39
FT16/11/19 15:00Dundee Utd3 - 0Queen Of The South1.474.146.14
FT07/12/19 15:00Dundee Utd2 - 1Alloa Athletic1.215.7212.18
FT10/12/19 19:45Greenock Morton FC1 - 2Dundee Utd5.374.121.53
14/12/19 15:00Arbroath FCH2HDundee Utd4.593.681.67
21/12/19 15:00Dundee UtdH2HAyr Utd
28/12/19 15:00Dundee UtdH2HDundee FC
04/01/20 15:00Queen Of The SouthH2HDundee Utd
11/01/20 15:00Partick ThistleH2HDundee Utd
19/01/20 15:00Dundee UtdH2HHibernian FC
25/01/20 15:00Dundee UtdH2HGreenock Morton FC
01/02/20 15:00Dundee UtdH2HArbroath FC
15/02/20 15:00Alloa AthleticH2HDundee Utd
19/02/20 15:00Dunfermline AthleticH2HDundee Utd
22/02/20 15:00Dundee UtdH2HInverness CT
03/03/20 19:45Ayr UtdH2HDundee Utd
07/03/20 15:00Dundee UtdH2HPartick Thistle
14/03/20 15:00Greenock Morton FCH2HDundee Utd
21/03/20 15:00Dundee UtdH2HAlloa Athletic
28/03/20 15:00Arbroath FCH2HDundee Utd
04/04/20 14:00Dundee UtdH2HQueen Of The South
11/04/20 14:00Inverness CTH2HDundee Utd
18/04/20 14:00Dundee UtdH2HDunfermline Athletic
25/04/20 14:00Dundee FCH2HDundee Utd
02/05/20 14:00Dundee UtdH2HAyr Utd