Dundee FC 2017/2018 Stats

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GF - GA27 - 4024 - 3151 - 71

Dundee FC Predictions

FT18/07/17 18:45Raith Rovers1 - 2Dundee FC3.993.571.77
FT22/07/17 14:00Dundee FC2 - 0Buckie Thistle1.127.5014.75
FT26/07/17 18:45Cowdenbeath0 - 3Dundee FC11.696.341.17
FT30/07/17 14:00Dundee FC3 - 4Dundee Utd2.263.302.83
FT05/08/17 14:00Dundee FC1 - 2Ross County FC2.493.242.77
FT09/08/17 18:45Dundee FC2 - 1Dundee Utd2.293.282.89
FT12/08/17 14:00Hamilton Academical3 - 0Dundee FC2.353.242.96
FT19/08/17 14:00Aberdeen FC2 - 1Dundee FC1.344.838.22
FT27/08/17 11:30Dundee FC1 - 1Hibernian FC3.643.421.99
FT09/09/17 14:00Glasgow Rangers4 - 1Dundee FC1.245.8010.56
FT16/09/17 14:00Dundee FC3 - 2St. Johnstone FC2.953.212.38
FT20/09/17 18:45Dundee FC0 - 4Celtic Glasgow12.486.481.18
FT23/09/17 14:00Kilmarnock FC1 - 1Dundee FC2.573.232.69
FT30/09/17 14:00Dundee FC2 - 1Heart of Midlothian3.583.342.04
FT14/10/17 14:00Celtic Glasgow1 - 0Dundee FC1.099.4921.84
FT21/10/17 14:00Partick Thistle2 - 1Dundee FC2.403.272.87
FT25/10/17 18:45Dundee FC0 - 1Motherwell FC2.453.282.80
FT28/10/17 14:00Dundee FC1 - 3Hamilton Academical2.053.413.40
FT04/11/17 15:00Hibernian FC2 - 1Dundee FC1.414.517.09
FT18/11/17 15:00Dundee FC0 - 0Kilmarnock FC2.463.302.77
FT24/11/17 19:45Dundee FC2 - 1Glasgow Rangers6.164.421.47
FT02/12/17 15:00Ross County FC0 - 2Dundee FC2.103.423.30
FT08/12/17 19:45Dundee FC0 - 1Aberdeen FC3.813.411.94
FT12/12/17 19:45Heart of Midlothian2 - 0Dundee FC1.873.503.99
FT16/12/17 15:00Dundee FC3 - 0Partick Thistle2.253.273.14
FT23/12/17 15:00Motherwell FC1 - 1Dundee FC2.083.443.39
FT26/12/17 12:30Dundee FC0 - 2Celtic Glasgow11.516.261.22
FT30/12/17 15:00St. Johnstone FC0 - 2Dundee FC2.263.283.11
FT20/01/18 15:00Dundee FC2 - 2Inverness CT1.863.553.74
FT24/01/18 19:45Dundee FC0 - 1Hibernian FC4.093.471.87
FT27/01/18 15:00Hamilton Academical1 - 2Dundee FC2.493.282.76
FT30/01/18 19:45Inverness CT0 - 1Dundee FC2.763.262.41
FT03/02/18 15:00Dundee FC1 - 4Ross County FC2.213.373.14
FT10/02/18 15:00Dundee FC0 - 2Motherwell FC2.943.152.34
FT13/02/18 19:45Kilmarnock FC3 - 2Dundee FC2.063.333.53
FT17/02/18 15:00Partick Thistle1 - 2Dundee FC2.443.242.84
FT24/02/18 15:00Dundee FC0 - 1Motherwell FC2.723.282.54
FT10/03/18 15:00Dundee FC0 - 4St. Johnstone FC2.403.083.04
FT17/03/18 15:00Aberdeen FC1 - 0Dundee FC1.593.815.63
FT01/04/18 11:30Dundee FC1 - 1Heart of Midlothian2.753.142.57
FT04/04/18 18:45Celtic Glasgow0 - 0Dundee FC1.196.7012.55
FT07/04/18 14:00Glasgow Rangers4 - 0Dundee FC1.325.148.60
FT21/04/18 14:00Dundee FC2 - 1St. Johnstone FC2.313.103.19
FT28/04/18 14:00Motherwell FC2 - 1Dundee FC2.183.413.19
FT05/05/18 11:30Dundee FC1 - 0Hamilton Academical1.903.334.19
FT08/05/18 18:45Ross County FC0 - 1Dundee FC1.983.613.45
FT12/05/18 14:00Dundee FC0 - 1Partick Thistle3.093.472.18