Dundee FC 2019/2020 Stats

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GF - GA23 - 2121 - 1944 - 40

Dundee FC Predictions

FT13/07/19 14:00Raith Rovers0 - 3Dundee FC3.173.352.11
FT17/07/19 18:45Cove Rangers2 - 3Dundee FC10.806.101.20
FT20/07/19 14:00Dundee FC4 - 2Peterhead FC1.454.315.91
FT28/07/19 14:00Dundee FC1 - 0Inverness CT2.812.572.91
FT02/08/19 18:05Dunfermline Athletic2 - 2Dundee FC2.793.252.41
FT10/08/19 14:00Dundee FC1 - 0Ayr Utd2.313.242.95
FT18/08/19 14:00Dundee FC1 - 2Aberdeen FC5.113.921.57
FT24/08/19 14:00Dundee FC0 - 0Inverness CT2.223.183.16
FT30/08/19 18:45Dundee Utd6 - 2Dundee FC1.813.554.09
FT14/09/19 14:00Dundee FC2 - 1Alloa Athletic1.554.045.33
FT21/09/19 14:00Greenock Morton FC1 - 0Dundee FC2.883.392.26
FT27/09/19 18:05Queen Of The South1 - 1Dundee FC2.933.132.36
FT05/10/19 14:00Dundee FC2 - 0Arbroath FC1.633.764.96
FT19/10/19 14:00Dundee FC1 - 3Partick Thistle2.073.413.29
FT25/10/19 18:05Ayr Utd1 - 2Dundee FC2.243.402.93
FT29/10/19 19:45Alloa Athletic0 - 3Dundee FC3.383.452.01
FT01/11/19 19:05Dundee FC2 - 1Greenock Morton FC1.504.125.71
FT08/11/19 19:45Dundee FC0 - 2Dundee Utd2.693.412.39
FT23/11/19 15:00Inverness CT1 - 0Dundee FC2.333.392.78
FT30/11/19 15:00Dundee FC1 - 2Queen Of The South1.733.674.31
FT07/12/19 15:00Arbroath FC1 - 1Dundee FC3.383.302.08
FT14/12/19 15:00Dundee FC4 - 3Dunfermline Athletic2.473.102.82
FT21/12/19 15:00Partick Thistle0 - 1Dundee FC2.323.362.83
FT27/12/19 19:45Dundee Utd1 - 1Dundee FC1.543.995.42
FT04/01/20 15:00Dundee FC0 - 2Inverness CT2.233.303.01
FT18/01/20 19:20Dundee FC0 - 3Motherwell FC3.683.541.87
FT24/01/20 19:05Dunfermline Athletic2 - 0Dundee FC2.433.162.82
FT01/02/20 15:00Greenock Morton FC1 - 1Dundee FC2.983.352.23
FT08/02/20 15:00Dundee FC2 - 0Partick Thistle2.273.292.97
FT22/02/20 15:00Queen Of The South0 - 1Dundee FC2.923.182.36
FT03/03/20 19:45Dundee FC0 - 0Alloa Athletic1.314.918.70
FT07/03/20 15:00Ayr Utd0 - 0Dundee FC2.973.082.37
FT10/03/20 19:45Dundee FC2 - 0Ayr Utd2.093.133.53
DP14/03/20 00:00Dundee FCH2HDunfermline Athletic2.093.203.40
DP21/03/20 00:00Inverness CTH2HDundee FC
DP24/03/20 00:00Dundee FCH2HArbroath FC1.763.394.56
DP28/03/20 00:00Dundee FCH2HQueen Of The South
DP03/04/20 23:00Alloa AthleticH2HDundee FC
DP10/04/20 23:00Dundee FCH2HGreenock Morton FC
DP17/04/20 23:00Arbroath FCH2HDundee FC
DP24/04/20 23:00Dundee FCH2HDundee Utd
DP01/05/20 23:00Partick ThistleH2HDundee FC