Brechin City FC 2017/2018 Stats

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Brechin City FC Standings

GF - GA14 - 4614 - 6428 - 110

Brechin City FC Predictions

FT15/07/17 14:00Inverness CT3 - 0Brechin City FC1.265.119.26
FT18/07/17 18:45Brechin City FC4 - 3Forfar Athletic1.933.493.43
FT25/07/17 18:45Stirling Albion FC2 - 0Brechin City FC3.213.502.01
FT29/07/17 14:00Brechin City FC0 - 3Falkirk FC4.123.641.73
FT05/08/17 14:00Queen Of The South4 - 1Brechin City FC1.444.266.36
FT12/08/17 14:00Brechin City FC2 - 2Livingston FC8.024.611.33
FT15/08/17 19:00Buckie Thistle2 - 1Brechin City FC3.723.801.73
FT19/08/17 14:00Dundee Utd1 - 0Brechin City FC1.235.799.39
FT26/08/17 14:00Brechin City FC0 - 4Inverness CT5.804.031.50
FT09/09/17 14:00Brechin City FC1 - 1Falkirk FC5.924.311.45
FT16/09/17 14:00Dumbarton FC2 - 1Brechin City FC2.013.513.27
FT23/09/17 14:00Brechin City FC0 - 3Dunfermline Athletic6.534.611.39
FT30/09/17 14:00St. Mirren FC2 - 1Brechin City FC1.255.609.29
FT14/10/17 14:00Brechin City FC0 - 1Greenock Morton FC6.064.131.47
FT21/10/17 14:00Brechin City FC0 - 1Queen Of The South7.714.511.36
FT28/10/17 14:00Livingston FC3 - 2Brechin City FC1.314.967.78
FT04/11/17 15:00Brechin City FC0 - 1Dumbarton FC3.013.382.18
FT18/11/17 15:00Buckie Thistle2 - 3Brechin City FC7.585.561.28
FT25/11/17 15:00Brechin City FC1 - 1Dundee Utd8.895.381.27
FT28/11/17 19:45Inverness CT4 - 0Brechin City FC1.255.549.66
FT02/12/17 15:00Greenock Morton FC4 - 1Brechin City FC1.344.877.49
FT09/12/17 15:00Brechin City FC1 - 2St. Mirren FC7.544.781.34
FT23/12/17 15:00Dunfermline Athletic2 - 1Brechin City FC1.285.298.83
FT30/12/17 15:00Brechin City FC2 - 3Inverness CT7.764.451.37
FT02/01/18 15:00Dundee Utd4 - 1Brechin City FC1.166.9412.59
FT06/01/18 15:00Brechin City FC1 - 1Greenock Morton FC6.484.331.43
FT13/01/18 15:00Brechin City FC0 - 2Livingston FC6.994.391.40
FT20/01/18 15:00Celtic Glasgow5 - 0Brechin City FC1.0116.7241.44
FT27/01/18 15:00Queen Of The South3 - 1Brechin City FC1.295.048.85
FT06/02/18 19:45Falkirk FC3 - 1Brechin City FC1.265.409.38
FT17/02/18 15:00Brechin City FC0 - 1Falkirk FC8.714.881.31
FT24/02/18 15:00St. Mirren FC1 - 0Brechin City FC1.225.8310.78
FT13/03/18 19:45Dumbarton FC1 - 0Brechin City FC1.713.614.54
FT17/03/18 15:00Brechin City FC1 - 3Dumbarton FC3.373.302.07
FT20/03/18 19:45Brechin City FC0 - 3Dunfermline Athletic9.034.841.30
FT24/03/18 15:00Greenock Morton FC2 - 0Brechin City FC1.285.159.34
FT31/03/18 14:00Falkirk FC3 - 0Brechin City FC1.285.219.23
FT03/04/18 18:45Inverness CT4 - 0Brechin City FC1.186.2813.42
FT07/04/18 14:00Brechin City FC0 - 1St. Mirren FC12.125.961.20
FT14/04/18 14:00Dunfermline Athletic4 - 0Brechin City FC1.166.6614.15
FT17/04/18 18:45Brechin City FC0 - 5Dundee Utd12.096.211.19
FT21/04/18 14:00Livingston FC3 - 0Brechin City FC1.088.9220.25
FT28/04/18 14:00Brechin City FC1 - 5Queen Of The South7.925.341.30