Scottish Football Predictions

FT10/03/20 19:45Dundee FC2 - 0Ayr Utd2.093.133.53
FT10/03/20 19:45Inverness CT3 - 1Queen Of The South1.554.085.24
FT10/03/20 19:45Partick Thistle1 - 1Dunfermline Athletic2.483.092.80
PP13/03/20 00:00Queen Of The SouthH2HAyr Utd2.963.262.29
PP14/03/20 00:00Arbroath FCH2HInverness CT2.983.182.30
PP14/03/20 00:00Dundee FCH2HDunfermline Athletic2.093.203.40
PP14/03/20 00:00Greenock Morton FCH2HDundee Utd3.963.421.85
PP14/03/20 00:00Partick ThistleH2HAlloa Athletic1.613.914.83
PP17/03/20 00:00Arbroath FCH2HAyr Utd2.673.092.46
PP17/03/20 00:00Inverness CTH2HPartick Thistle1.883.282.98
PP21/03/20 00:00Ayr UtdH2HPartick Thistle
PP21/03/20 00:00Dundee UtdH2HAlloa Athletic
PP21/03/20 00:00Dunfermline AthleticH2HGreenock Morton FC
PP21/03/20 00:00Inverness CTH2HDundee FC
PP21/03/20 00:00Queen Of The SouthH2HArbroath FC
PP24/03/20 00:00Dundee FCH2HArbroath FC1.763.394.56
PP28/03/20 00:00Alloa AthleticH2HDunfermline Athletic
PP28/03/20 00:00Arbroath FCH2HDundee Utd
PP28/03/20 00:00Dundee FCH2HQueen Of The South
PP28/03/20 00:00Inverness CTH2HAyr Utd
PP28/03/20 00:00Partick ThistleH2HGreenock Morton FC
PP03/04/20 23:00Alloa AthleticH2HDundee FC
PP03/04/20 23:00Ayr UtdH2HDunfermline Athletic
PP03/04/20 23:00Dundee UtdH2HQueen Of The South
PP03/04/20 23:00Greenock Morton FCH2HInverness CT
PP03/04/20 23:00Partick ThistleH2HArbroath FC
PP10/04/20 23:00Ayr UtdH2HAlloa Athletic
PP10/04/20 23:00Dundee FCH2HGreenock Morton FC
PP10/04/20 23:00Dunfermline AthleticH2HArbroath FC
PP10/04/20 23:00Inverness CTH2HDundee Utd
PP10/04/20 23:00Queen Of The SouthH2HPartick Thistle