About SciBet

SciBet.com provides professional sport predictions that are based on the team data accumulated from the latest games only. Unlike other statistical methods, our prediction model uses only recent game scores. To ensure a reliable prediction, the following team skills are applied: Offensive Skills (Attack), Defensive Skills (Defense) and Home Ground Advantage (HGA). The skills vary from game to game, and when estimated correctly, result in an accurate prediction. Estimation of the skills is a complex statistical problem which remained unsolved until recently, and many scientific publications deal extensively with this issue. Our solution is based on an advanced kernel method mapping low dimentional data into a high dimensional space and allowing non-linear estimation of skills' functions. As a result, only a little data from the latest games is needed to achieve an accurate skills estimation. We invite you to share our solution, and enjoy the betting profits.

Prediction Improvement

The prediction accuracy of SciBet.com is undergoing constant improvement. For example, the average investment profit in 2008 was 35%. In order to improve it dramatically, we need the help of experienced bettors like you. Kindly take the time to fill in a questionnaire after some games (it is not mandatory). To increase your profits, the answers will be accumulated and processed, and an improved version of the prediction model will be built.

Our Team

Our team is a group of avid bettors with years of experience. The team includes algorithm developers, mathematicians, statisticians, software programmers and sport experts. During the last decade, we have tried various websites that provide sport prediction tips. Unfortunately, their prediction accuracy is usually poor, not to mention the fact that they provide only the final predictions. Any experienced bettor knows that the final predictions never suffice to determine the game outcome. The decision is usually based on the latest skills changes, resulting from the team dynamics and the latest team news. SciBet provides team skills vs. time, calculated using the data from the latest games only.


  • Predictions - detailed charts of the skills for each team vs. time are available, accompanied by standard, well-known, average team statistics. In addition, the final prediction results and average bookmakers' odds are displayed, allowing risk and profit calculations.
  • Results - you may view the historical match results including our skills calculations, predictions and final results. And of course, you may decide whether to use our site judging by the historical prediction accuracy as well.
  • Live Scores - the game live scores are displayed and updated automatically every minute during the game.
  • Odds Comparison - free odds from a variety of bookmakers are provided for each game.

Further Plans and Developments

Currently, SciBet provides predictions for all major soccer leagues. Prediction accuracy is high for soccer and can be applicable to other sports as well. We continue adding new soccer leagues and other sports like basketball, hockey, baseball and american football.

Free Registration

SciBet is free of charge. In order to make your betting life easier, we offer a free registration procedure. After you complete the registration process, you can customise your pages to suit your requirements. Your email and password are required in order to provide you with a flexible working framework. The site allows you to select your favorite sports leagues, the odds format you prefer and your local time zone (so that the game time will be converted accordingly).

SciBet is a site from bettors to bettors. Let's bet and win together.

For all additional information about SciBet.com, contact us at info@scibet.com.